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Fundraising is becoming increasingly part of academic life and most academics are under pressure to secure external funding. But, for some researchers it is still possible to have a career in social.

I got an offer—for less than I had earned as a postdoc. I thought I deserved more, but my internal impostor syndrome voice told me I was lucky to be offered any job in academia. I had no idea how to.

Part I: Key Advice for a Bad Careerwhile a Grad Student. • Part II: Key Advice on Alternatives to a Bad Graduate. Career. • Part III: Key Advice for a Bad Career,

There are many excellent career opportunities beyond academia, but how to get started? Be sure to visit our Resources for articles, advice, and resource.

It’s in academic leaders’ job descriptions, written and unwritten, to manage the approach to fundraising and the problems that sometimes arise from it with transparency and integrity, so as to.

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Academia is a career path that interests many law students. Today, law faculty are now drawn from a broad pool, and include full-time law professors, clinical.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "What graduate students of color need is a clear guidebook for their journey that contains both a map of the potential minefields and a.

Through personal reflection, I compiled a list of 10 things that I wish I had known earlier in my academic career and insights on how I would respond to them today. Firstly, understand that being a.

Explore job opportunities for English-speaking researchers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The University of Wisconsin's Martin Rosenberg, also chief scientific officer at Promega Corp., describes what led to the rise in “nonbench” jobs in research in the.

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It’s a job I love with all my heart. And I’m an alcoholic. I’m writing this article to share my experience in being in recovery while navigating the grind of the “publish and perish” cycles of.

They are juggling all these expectations — from family, laboratory culture and supervisors, as well as from PIs who consider non-academic career trajectories to be a failure. When someone wants to.

Academia or industry is an inevitable choice every scientist will need to make after. A selection of workshops including how to prepare a CV for an industry job.

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Fish Wang ’23, who moved to the United States from China this past June, had been encouraged to study abroad at some point in.

Jan 14, 2019. Explore our guide to options for the new PhD – and the best way to pursue your career goals inside or outside academia.

Career and technical education (CTE. of CTE can teach students the “soft skills” necessary in the labor market. Finally, by integrating academic skills into a “real world” context, advocates claim.

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Academic Jobs. Job Openings in the Centre for Higher Education Research. 5 days ago. Applications are invited for Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant.

Most often when law students first consider a career in academia, they think of being a tenured professor. If that's your goal, you'll wan.

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I’ve found it daunting to determine the best career to match my personality, skills, priorities, ambitions and interests, particularly because most people around me treat the academic path as the.

At the Class of 2020 welcoming reception last year, Dean Nohria told us that HBS will transform us in three dimensions – academics, social, and career. It was difficult to recognize the changes during.

This course helps students bridge their academic coursework with a roadmap forward. What do you need from Emory to navigate your college to career pathway with confidence? Staff are eager to.

It has driven many of us to academic accolades and career advancement — both measures of success according to most social standards. But for some of us, this voice can denounce us as ‘impostors’ in.

A collection of profiles of people who have made the transition from academia to industry. Career profiles. Explore a collection of profiles from researchers.

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I’ve never really enjoyed roller coasters, at least not the theme-park variety. In my academic career, however, I’ve ridden many figurative versions: the amazing highs of a published article and.

Apr 15, 2019. Ben Wurgaft started applying for full-time, tenure-track academic jobs in 2009. He had a PhD from a top history program, and his dissertation.

Oct 5, 2017. One such decision might be between an academic scientific research career versus a non-research career in government service. There are.

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Oct 18, 2015. are two questions you're unlikely to hear in a discussion of the current academic job market. Given the desperate state of the market today, with.

A typical new computer science graduate is faced with two possible career paths: join an academic faculty and pursue fundamental research or proof-of-concept investigations; or become an industry.

This section is for anyone who is considering an academic career, but it draws on the findings of a recent project which examined the career paths and.