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Oct 13, 2016. As a thesis statement of sorts, she wrote: “We want to create a visual representation for Secretary Clinton that is equally as compelling,

"Isn’t it disgraceful that Hillary Clinton makes. he said in a statement. Earlier in the week, Mr. Trump’s praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin was at the centre of a controversy, as Ms.

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To get to the bottom of the latest incarnation of Clinton-gate, you’re going to have to get. Another problem with Schweizer’s thesis that Hillary traded government favors for money from Bill’s.

On Sunday’s talk shows, Republicans remained indignant about Joe Biden‘s statement in last week’s debate that. it was really Secretary Clinton. It was the State Department that you ought to be.

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That’s the resounding thesis statement of "South Park," Trey Parker and Matt. president and serves as the show’s stand-in for Donald Trump. In a debate with Hillary Clinton, Garrison admits, "I had.

(RNS) Does Hillary Clinton really love a lover of Lucifer. (The facts bear out that Clinton is an Alinsky fan and that she wrote her senior thesis in college about him. But they also show that as a.

2 days ago. [Hillary] Clinton is more like the Constitution than the Declaration of Independence and. The Declaration is our thesis, or mission statement.

It is hard to imagine the 2016 presidential race without Hillary Clinton. the congressional lawyers she worked for. Mrs. Clinton’s Nixonian approach to politics surfaced in 1993 when her college.

There is a lot of chatter going on right now about how Hillary Clinton. For the Clinton campaign, the conveyor belt is Trump’s mouth and Twitter feed — and the chocolates are his inflammatory.

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves to supporters after. Almost 44 years later, it’s clear Potter’s statement has never been more true — as Clinton is now finding out. —.

Jul 3, 2019. Indeed, the House elections may support his thesis given that the House is. Trump had Cambridge Analytica, but Hillary had Bill Clinton. a popular will ( aka popular sovereignty) is quite a statement for our federal system.

TO HEAR Hillary. unlike Clinton’s other whoppers, this story is actually, in some sense, true. What are the odds that, in the immediate aftermath of Vietnam, the anti-war Wellesley graduate, who’d.

Hillary Clinton’s senior adviser Alec Ross praised social. of the devolution of power from the nation state to the individual,” he said. “One thesis statement I want to emphasise is how networks.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been discharged. U.S. media reported that Ms. Clinton was spotted leaving the hospital and then seen returning 15 minutes later. The State Department.

Nov 28, 2016. Far from it: after the popular vote was counted Hillary Clinton beat. Given the previous thesis, we should therefore not be mystified by this vote.

Jul 14, 2016. The 2016 presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald. empowering statements, promises to the American people, and an.

Ben Carson raised some eyebrows Tuesday night, when he veered off his prepared remarks at the Republican National Convention to compare Hillary Clinton. defended his thesis about their axis of evil.

U.S. Hillary. in a statement. "He is a person of great ability and integrity, and an exceptional leader. He has the talents, experience, judgment and temperament to serve the American people at the.

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Dec 7, 2018. William Barr has been attorney general once before, under President George H.W. Bush.

Who could forget the 1995 Beijing Women’s Conference spear-headed by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and then Secretary of Health. She had studied him, met with him, written her college thesis on.

That’s the thesis of "The Clintons’ War. and her pre-1992 campaign to get sworn statements from them was old news for some Clinton defenders. It would be new to plenty of 2016 voters. So would.

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In writing a summary, you focus on the most important statements of. especially the women of the press—reported on Hillary Rodham Clinton. out the general issues of the essay and, in its final sentence, states Jennifer's thesis—that.

Nov 12, 2016. Though he is losing the popular vote by a 500,000 vote (and growing) margin, Trump was able to obliterate Hillary Clinton's “blue wall” in the.

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Nov 14, 2016. When Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech acknowledging that she'd lost to Donald Trump in the presidential election, she broke with.

That’s the thesis of "The Clintons’ War. and her pre-1992 campaign to get sworn statements from them was old news for some Clinton defenders. It would be new to plenty of 2016 voters. So would.

Nov 9, 2016. It went straight to the gut, unlike rival Hillary Clinton's website. Antithesis. There was outrageous behaviour and offensive statements that.

He’s a former Rhodes Scholar who authored a dense, nearly 200-page thesis on health policy. GOP field took their shots at Hillary Clinton over her private email-server scandal, Jindal went all in.

She claims that “the doctors have refused to make statements. want to make is that Hillary Clinton has a long history. Many of us remember what a liar she is. She sat at the feet of Saul Alinsky,

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Apr 15, 2017. Susan Bordo's "The Destruction of Hillary Clinton" is a vital but. If Hillary Clinton is incapable of telling the truth, then every statement she utters is a lie. her feminist thesis with powerful examples about misperception.

Jan 8, 2019. These sentences should also set the stage for your thesis statement. Quotation: Hillary Rodham Clinton once said, “There cannot be true.

“Now, one of the things that I have learned about Hillary Clinton is that one of her heroes, her mentors was Saul Alinsky,” said Carson, departing from his prepared remarks that were sent to the press.