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Apply for scholarships through the UA Scholarship Universe. More information on undergraduate scholarships and financial aid is available through the College of Engineering. Additionally, the UA Veterans Education & Transition Services lists military-affiliated resources. Western Undergraduate Exchange Program



Eller does not use the Scholarship Universe system for Eller scholarship management. As a general rule, students do not apply for Eller Undergraduate scholarships. Each department has a faculty committee that makes awards based on classroom performance, leadership and service.

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UA Dance Alumni always stand out in a crowd! Check out what the “New York Post” had to say about freshman Rockette and 2019 BFA graduate Megan Garcia: “Megan Garcia, a 22-year-old Latina from Naperville, Ill., received a huge surprise at the finale of the Rockettes’ “summer intensive” training program.

To apply for the scholarships listed below (in addition to many others) please visit the University of Arizona’s scholarship matching site Scholarship Universe. Using this site you can enter information about yourself and then be automatically matched to scholarships for which you’re eligible and which are currently accepting applications.

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How to Apply. You’re right where you belong — you just need to make it official.

Eagle Scout Academic Scholarship Application attend a four year college or university of their choice following high school graduation. Applications should be addressed to: Belcher Foundation Eagle Scout. 13 Nov 2019. Recognize Scholar Scouts through the Soaring Eagle Scholarship. that are registered in Educational Program at Wayne State University in. Girl Scout experiences enhance ANY scholarship application with leadership and.

You can apply for general scholarships offered through the college, as well as those offered by your major department. How to Apply. You can apply for SBS and other scholarships online through Scholarship Universe. This is a free scholarship matching service exclusively for.

Scholarship Universe The UA Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid administers most College of Engineering scholarships through Scholarship Universe , a free searchable database, which – based on characteristics such as gender, class standing and enrollment status – matches student, academic and professional interests with potential funding.

Scholarships That Help You Achieve Your Goals. A college degree will help you bridge the space between your aspirations and living out your dreams, whether you want to travel the world, save lives, provide for your family or make an unforgettable difference in your community.

I am happy to announce that the Arizona Board of Regents approved the University of Arizona’s request to rename UA South to the College of Applied Science and Technology.

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