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Over the past two decades, open access to journal articles, software and research data has. which grew from the Science Citation Index created by Eugene Garfield in 1964, and Elsevier’s Scopus,

Scholars can also check whether a journal is indexed in reputable citation databases such as Scopus or the Web of Science. Criteria for assessing the quality of open-access publishers and journals.

Mega-journals are a new kind of scholarly journal made possible by electronic publishing. They are open access (OA) and funded by charges. for the journals were checked 15-16.1.2018 using Scopus.

Predatory journals are easy to please. They seem to accept papers with little regard for quality, at a fraction of the cost charged by mainstream open-access journals. to tallies in the academic.

Things seems to be changing though. First off, Scopus and Web of Science began to tag articles as open access. Still initially this was done crudely based on whether it was in a Open access Gold.

You might not know this but lot of citations to journal articles and book chapters are actually open and available. are less than in Scopus and Web of Science. But by far, I think going forward the.

Well, that’s Elsevier, the largest scientific publisher in the world, which also owns ScienceDirect, the online gateway to all those journals. It owns the (pre-Google Scholar) scientific search engine.

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Cell Press reinforces its commitment to provide a broad range of publishing options for the life sciences community with the inaugural issue of a new open-access journal: Cell Reports. SciVerse.

Scopus has more than 69 million records, which includes over 35,000 peer-reviewed journals, of which more than 3,600 are full open access. To be included in Scopus, a journal’s overall quality is.

MDPI publishes over 70 diverse electronic, open access journals. MDPI aims to have all of its journals covered by the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) and Scopus. Several. MDPI is a platform.

He called on the open-access movement. one-third of its 3,000 journals, with the rest coming later this year. Elsevier, which owns Cell and The Lancet, not to mention some 30 percent of Crossref’s.

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Let’s say you are searching for an article in Scopus and you come across and article or book. This covers both items in Open Access Journals and in Institutional/Subject Repositories. In reality.

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An open access approach allows for research and. of the qualitative standard requirements of databases such as Scopus, the largest abstract and indexing database of peer-reviewed journals, books.

Scientists using Scopus can filter their results to find freely available papers, but the database links to only around 1.5 million papers published in fully open-access journals. Once Unpaywall’s.

Scopus, and the Web of Science. The Committee on Publishing Ethics, the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, and the World Association of Medical Editors can also help with assessing the.

For example, 70.3% of the 360 sampled articles stated some materials were available, but we could only access 48.6. 1,989 articles found in Scopus that were published in 2017 by six well-regarded.

Either case can lead researchers away from journals that might give them the audience and impact they need. Here I outline how to target a truly appropriate. the traditional subscription model or.