Nau Comparative Cultural Studies Minor

LGBTQ/Sexuality/Sexualities undergraduate majors, minors, certificates, concentrations?. email: [email protected]) is a recently formed (2007) student organization, Humboldt now offers (August 2004) a multi-cultural queer studies minor:. Programs: PhD Program in Comparative Studies offer courses and a track in.

Feb 24, 2019. Moreover, we write as language and culture studies advocates, who see the national trend of devaluing. Clarissa Balint, former French major and Music minor, McDaniel College. Michael J Rulon, Lecturer of French, Northern Arizona University. April Bolding, DPT, BA in Comparative Literature

The Minor in Autism Studies will be beneficial to anyone needing to work with, or interact with, those who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This would.

Professor Roger Waldinger UCLA International Institute, March 20, 2017 — The UCLA International Institute is launching a new undergraduate minor in international migration studies and will. to a.

The European Studies program combines a unifying regional focus with a multidisciplinary approach, enabling students to bring together courses that develop their language skills; social, historical,

The program in comparative humanities explores cultural traditions. of their core studies and develop essential career skills through exposure to comparative thought. They are encouraged to take.

This minor from the Department of Comparative Religion helps prepare students for graduate studies or a variety of employment options. Students will gain an understanding of cultural diversity.

sociology and women’s studies. This minor is also useful to students interested in cultural diversity and social behavior, and to those interested in gaining a global perspective on social problems.

The political space is inundated with unfounded allegations that have no bearing to pertinent issues of economical and industrial development, endemic and perennial religious conflicts,

They explore the connections of literature with history, philosophy, politics, and literary theory, and learn how literature intersects with other cultural forms. Romance Studies, Classics, and.

Major | Minor. in a broad comparative framework. Students gain a broad background in all four subfields: Socio-cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, and Linguistics. We offer.

Consequently, a comparative analysis of nonmetric cranial traits could be considered as a sort of alternative to DNA-researches in ancient populations’ studies. Alla Movsesyan explains: "Unlike the.

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Professor of Religious Studies at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona. Ph.D., Comparative Study of Religions, History minor, Indiana University, Professor, Dept. of Comparative Cultural Studies, Northern Arizona University, 2009.

The sociology faculty collaborate with undergraduates on research and the Sociology. In order to graduate with a major or minor in Sociology, students must. Culture and Social Institutions focuses on culture, social institutions such as the. Identity and comparative understanding of religious beliefs and practices of.

American Indian Studies B.A. · American Indian Studies Minor · Faculty & Staff. She has a PhD (2004) in Political Science from Northern Arizona University. She is the author of Revisiting Nuclear India: Strategic Culture and (In)Security Imaginary (New Delhi:. Comparative Studies of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Chinese Studies; French; German; Italian; Russian Studies; Spanish. Nature of Program. Coursework is offered in foreign literature and cultures, linguistics, and. Please note that students may not earn a minor in their major field. Arabic Studies, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies; Sandra Dixon – Ph.D. ( Brown.

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Emily has worked on exhibitions with the NAU Art Museum, the Coconino Center for the Arts, Northern Arizona University Department of Comparative Cultural Studies. Awarded annually to a junior in each emphasis and minor who show.

These include precise phenotypic characterization of individuals and the characterization of ethnic/cultural backgrounds (as. questionnaires does facilitate the comparative interpretation of.

Our students work closely with faculty in courses across four sub-fields in political science: American politics and law, comparative politics, international relations.

Archaeologists are portrayed as fearful or helpless, exchanging samples for a minor authorship. wave of aDNA studies called for better integration of archaeological and genetic data and more.

research, and to service to McKendree and the greater community while also attracting and. McKendree. • Meet the major and/or minor requirements of the catalog for the year in which the. Western cultures and societies in a comparative manner with either other non-. Western. Ed.d., northern Arizona University.

Interdisciplinary Studies majors are encouraged to choose Spanish as an. the student to learn the Spanish language and become familiar with Hispanic culture. Students may choose to major or minor in Spanish or to elect Spanish as their field. syntax, historical/comparative studies, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics.

He also served as editor of a collection of critical essays, “Criticism in the Borderlands” (Duke University Press, 1991), that offers a multitude of perspectives in contemporary literary and cultural.

The Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) prepares an evaluation of comparative effectiveness based on clinical evidence, including but not limited to the studies submitted.

Decolonising literary studies isn’t simply a matter of relieving the symptoms. Or at best, in the case of Comparative Literature, it affirmed two supposedly unitary, national languages (for example.

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Indiana University – Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. International relations and comparative literature are examples, as is anthropology, Northern Arizona University – International Hospitality. International or global studies minor – Again, students obtain a minor in the field, while completing a separate major.

Discipline-wide, however, probably the most important form of “fusion” has taken place in the research and teaching of individual faculty, where cultural studies. Jenkins’ department of comparative.

The Minor in Arabic Studies54-57 units; The Minor in Chinese Studies57-60 units. Courses in culture and civilization offer students a solid introduction to the.

Frequently-updated listing of more than 900 women's/gender studies programs, Women's and Gender Studies Minor: Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate. Northern Arizona University – Women's and Gender Studies Program. University of Sydney – Department of Gender and Cultural Studies: Masters,

Northern Arizona University is a public university offering undergraduate, graduate, committed to teaching, individual engagement, and research excellence.

Feb 26, 2019. Medusa Undone explores the social problem of rape culture, our. Chair, Comparative Cultural Studies, Northern Arizona University, "The.

While the University has developed into a major research and graduate studies. Studies, Caribbean Studies, Chinese Studies (minor), Cinema and Cultural Studies, English: Classical Studies, Comparative Literature, English, Film Studies, State University, Northern Arizona University, Northern Vermont University-.

Department of Comparative Literature; Department of Media and Cultural Studies; and Mellon Science Fiction Group, Center for Ideas and Society for their generous sponsorship of what promises to be a.

The minor in Asian Studies focuses on East Asia and South Asia, with attention to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Rim. It provides a broad interdisciplinary and comparative. courses.

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The museum studies minor provides students with a foundation in the history and practice of the museum as an institution and in the history, theory, and practice of collecting, exhibiting, and.

I am a 5th-year undergraduate at Northern Arizona University. My majors are Electrical Engineering and Comparative Culture Studies with minors in Computer.