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They are class-biased democracies, where the many are viewed as greater in number but lower in quality. But not in Venezuela. In Venezuela, democracy is there for the many, and what’s fair is what’s.

He was 72. The son of Spanish Republicans in exile, Del Río was born in Cuba but migrated to Venezuela with his parents in 1945. As a youth in the 1960s, he joined the budding guerrilla movements then.

Venezuela, an oil producer dependent on crude prices, is in the grip of rampant inflation, with the IMF estimating price rises of more than 1,700% in the coming two years. The IMF estimates price.

The video also show the president inviting Salt Bae to Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, and receiving special napkins as a gift from the famous chef. In his message on social media, Salt Bae wrote:.

Cristian Hernández EFE This is a mistake. Spain is obliged to head up the international efforts to see democracy return to Venezuela, and must do so using all legitimate means under international law.

Of the 29 people now officially known to have died during the last month of anti-government protests in Venezuela, a significant number have been killed by so-called collectives, armed groups loyal to.

And again, you know, I’m not the guy who’s trying to say everyone feels like this, but I can say everything that I’ve felt and the struggles I’ve had in academia and in media and in general, you know,

EL PAÍS A court in the principality of Andorra – a microstate. Evidence connects the network’s dealings with a deal between Venezuela and China under which the South American country received a.

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After three years without official figures, Venezuela’s Health Ministry has just released its Epidemiology Bulletin, which contains data from last year. And the figures in this new report have.

The government of Venezuela is feeling increasingly isolated in the international stage. After taking the unilateral decision to call presidential elections for April 22 without support from the.

The Vatican’s efforts had seemed fruitful: on Monday, Emil Paul Tscherrig, the pope’s special envoy to Venezuela, announced that the first round of talks would be held this coming Sunday. But.

RCPD-6017-Taller de Negociación y Liderazgo – Trabajo de campo – (2 créditos) 2Credits. Este taller proveerá una oportunidad a los participantes de dar un paso atrás de su día a día en el trabajo para así poder reflexionar sobre interrogantes importantes relacionadas a sus metas, valores, fortalezas, creencias limitantes, y como ellos ven el impacto de su trabajo.

The Venezuelan economy seems to be trapped in a spiral of inflation for the foreseeable future. these projections indicate the rampant economic chaos in Venezuela. To give some idea of the scale of.

The publication came several hours before Maduro was due to speak for the first time in front of the National Assembly, which is now controlled by parties opposed to the president’s United Socialist.

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Since former president Hugo Chávez’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela took power 18 years ago, it has set up a nationwide network of communal councils, ostensibly to give people greater say over.

China is Cuba’s second-most-important trade partner after Venezuela, with a bilateral trade volume of 1.4 billion dollars in 2013. In the last 17 years, Raúl Castro has traveled to Beijing three times.

US officials have arrested two relatives of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on drug trafficking charges, furthering speculation around the involvement of Venezuela’s upper echelons of power in the.

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This Sunday, unless the combined pressures of international diplomacy and domestic protests prevent it, Venezuela will cross the last red line that separates a democracy from a dictatorship. The.

Venezuela, one of the biggest oil-producing nations in the world with nearly 300 billion barrels of proven reserves, has begun importing crude oil to help its staggering economy. State-owned Petróleos.

The recent visits to Venezuela by former Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Albert Rivera, the head of Ciudadanos, has obliged Spain’s parties to make their position clear.

Wto Gats Higher Education Since ICRIER’s inception GATT has been one of the main thrust areas of research activities. After the establishment of the WTO, services became one of our niche areas of research and an ambitious project for study of individual service sub sectors was implemented with support from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. SUMMER SEMESTER-2013 UCSP